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Volume 15, No. 1, 2003

Journal of Islamic Studies > Volume 15, No. 1, 2003

Islamic studies

1. Listening in the Field of Islamic Call: Its Importance and Ways of Development / Abdullah Bin Ibrahim Alluhaidan

2. An In-depth Study of the Prophet's Biography through the Battle of Uhud / Al Sadik M. Al Khouni

3. Ibn Massoud's Opinions on Inheritance / Ali Mohammed Al-Omari

4. Affluent People's Attitude towards the Messengers' Calls / Hussein Jaber Mousa Bani Khaled

5. The Three Wonders of Theology: Alnazam Rising, Alashari Earning and the Status of Abu Hashim / Al-Shafea Almahi Ahmed 

Educational studies

1. Teachers College Students Attitudes toward Teaching and its Relation with some Variables in Saudi Arabia / Ibrahim M. Al-Rashid

2. Using the Internet in Higher Education / Abdullah A. Almosa

3. The Attitudes of Students towards Using Multimedia in Teaching the English Language / Abdullah Salem Al-Mannai

4. The Effect of Adjunctive Questions and Their Position , Pre/Post ,  in Instructional Materials , Video Tape,  on Learning and Retention of Undergraduate Science Students: An Experimental Study / Omar M. Madani Zakari

5. Training Instructors of Arabic in Indonesia and Brunei Darussalam / Abdelrahman Musa Abakar

6. Listening in the Field of Islamic Call: Its Importance and Ways of Development/ Abdullah Bin Ibrahim Alluhaidan

7. The  Level  of Health Awareness among Female Students at Community Colleges in Jordan / Abdalla M.I. Khataybeh,Ibrahim F. Rawashdeh

8. The Development of the Approach of Discipline-Based Art Education and Its Influence on the Field of Art Education / Yousef Ibrahim Alamoud



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