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Ibn Massoud's Opinions on Inheritance / Ali Mohammed Al-Omari

Ibn Massoud, may Allah be pleased with him, had opinions that were at variance with the opinions of other companions of the Prophet, peace and blessing of Allah be on him. These matters were in the ijtihad field, interpretative opinions. Of these issues, six in the field of inheritance, become famous because of the uniqueness of his opinion. His opinions in these six matters were adopted by some of these scholars who came after him and by some of Al-Zahria, those who take things at face value.
This paper presents the most significant evidence that Ibn Massoud used and the evidence of other scholars and the way both sides presented their evidence The writers found that the evidence presented by the other scholars had more weight on their side than on the side of Ibn Massoud on all six issues.
The researcher finds that judges may take the opinion of Ibn Massoud at a certain time or country in the area of dividing inheritance. This is so because Ibn Massoud's opinions are acceptable and those who disagree with him are not necessarily more accurate.
The researcher collected all the evidence and the proofs offered and showed their bearings on the issues. He also discussed all the evidence and gave his opinion as to which has more weight.

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Ali Mohammed Al-Omari
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