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An In-depth Study of the Prophet's Biography through the Battle of Uhud / Al Sadik M. Al Khouni

The Battle of Uhud represents a significant landmark in the history of the Prophet's biography. In that battle, the Muslims received a defeat, which did not affect the result of the lawful war they were waging in order to convey the Islamic Dawa and secure its freedom. We study the events of the Prophet's biography because they represent a true embodiment of the teachings of Islam. We also study such events m order to benefit from them in our life. When we study victories. they certainly give us more self-confidence and help us regain our lost morale. We study this defeat on the battlefield in Uhud, for instance, in order to take example. When we are defeated in a battle that does not mean that we have lost the war. We have to rise up afterwards and continue our march since the objective we endeavor to achieve is a sublime religious one. This battle and the other events in the Prophet's biography are full of various lessons because they were led by a Messenger who, first of all , received the Divine Revelation. and who is , secondly, one of the greatest men in history. The research explores the circumstances in which this battle took place and then it explores the lessons and example, which we can learn and benefit from. The events are expressed with all sincerity and without arbitrariness.

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Al Sadik M. Al Khouni
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