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The Three Wonders of Theology: Alnazam Rising, Alashari Earning and the Status of Abu Hashim / Al-Shafea Almahi Ahmed

The science of theology was developed to prove Islamic beliefs and confront those who opposed them by the use of argumentation methodology as a means to establish them. But after the disappearance of these factors the methodology of this science disappeared as well, but three main issues remained which represented the science and methodology at its best which are: rising, earning, and status. This study addresses the three cases as follows. At the beginning, the study deals with the scientific background through which the case appeared. it then analyzes the case itself as its owner has judged it. and then introduces the proofs it has dealt with and lastly introduces the opposing views. In the end, the study concludes with the view that Alnazam, Alashari and Abu Hashim tried to treat unreasonable cases that are not achievable using inconvenient words for these cases.

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Al-Shafea Almahi Ahmed
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