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Volume 16, No. 2, 2004

Journal of Islamic Studies >  Volume 16, No. 2, 2004

Islamic studies

1. The Effect of Craziness on Canceling the Punishment , qisas,  / A bdulkareern AI-Khadher 

2. Agreement and Difference , in Moton,  Introduced by Shekhan in One Method  / Hasan Mohammed Abagi 

3. Conclusion of Research on Jews Belief in Attributes: A Critical Study According to Quran and Sunnab  / Sulaiman Bin Gassim Al-Eid

4. Judgment of Correction of the Wife by Beating in Islamic Jurisprudence: A Comparative Study  / Fathallah AkthamTuffaha

5. Islamic Precaution to Decrease the Spinster in Comparative Islamic Jurisprudence  / M

Educational studies

1. Effectiveness of Suggested Model to Teach Constructivism in Development Constructivist Teaching Practices for Science Teachers and in Accommodative Alternative Conceptions about Chemical and Biochemical Concepts for the First Year Intermediate Students in Riyadh  / Malak M. Al-Soleem

2. The Attitude Towards Computers by the Female Students in the College of Education  / Olfat M. Fodah

3. Integrating Children with Special Needs in Regular Schools: A Survey Study of Integration Programs in Saudi Arabia  / Sahar A. Alkhashrami

4. Reading Comprehension Difficulties at the General Educational Stages  / Mohammed Ibrahim Al-Khatib

5. Suitability of Studio art Classes for Female Art Education Students at the King Saud University Undergraduate Art Education Program / Awad Al Yamy

6. Discipline-based Art Education and the Viability of Introducing It, through General Education, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia  / Mohamed Hussein A. Aldoyhi


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