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Agreement and Difference , in Moton,  Introduced by Shekhan in One Method  / Hasan Mohammed Abagi 

Al-Sahehan contains Hadeths ,  Prophet's traditions , , AlShekhan agreed to narrate through one method — that is, narrated by one supporter about one sheikh- and some of them are typical and the others are not typical with some difference which get the people to ask about those Hadeths and about their differences and the reason of those differences. We collected those liadeths which the shekhan agreed to narrate them through one method. The Hadeths were studied to distinguish between the identical Hadeths and non-identical Hadeths. We studied the non-identical Hadeths through showing differences and reasons. The total of the 1-ladeths which are agreed to be narrated through one method are three hundred and one , 301, . They are classified according to identification by Moton into three classes : 1,  Hadehts cannot be ruled due to their Motons which are not mentioned in Al-Saheah or in Al-Sahehain which are estimated to be fifty-six , 56, . 2,  Hadeths and their Motons are identical completely which are estimated to be sixty-eight , 68, . 3,  Hadeths include differences which are estimated to be one hundred seventy-seven , 177, . The differences between the Hadeths come in many shapes , some of them are increment , decrease, alternatives, progress and lateness , adjustment, repitation and distribution of Hadeth to many parts. We revised those differences due to reasons , narration in meaning , abbreviation of the Motons, collecting the methods of one Hadeth, illusion in one of the two narrations, difference of the narration of one book and difference in its copies.

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:08am