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Volume 19, No. 2, 2006

Islamic studies

1. Spot Lights on Discovering the Killed / Suleiman bin Abdul Aziz Al-Suleman

2. At-Tarajeeh , Written by: Burhan AI-Mellah and Ad-been Mohammad bin Mohammad An-Nassafi Al-Hanafi , Date 687A11, , : Studying , Investigation and Commentary  / Shareefah Ali bin Sulirnan Al-Hoshani

Educational studies

1. Ideological  Views in the History of Greek Philosophy  / All M. AL-Dakheel Allah\

2. Barriers to Students' Computer Usage: Staff and Students Perceptions  / Lutfi M, El-khatib

3. The Efficacy of Performance Evaluation Using the Latency Time: A Time Study  / Ahmed Sayed Mostafa

4. Thinking Styles of Freshman and Senior Students at Taibah University   / Hasen R. AI-Shehri

5. Characteristics of Research in the Doctoral and Masters' Theses on `Education in Islam' Conducted in Jordan Universities in 1971-2004  / Aref Atari ,Ali  Jubran

6. The Effect of Using Computerized and Non-computerized Concept Mapping on the Secondary School Student's Acquisition of Hadeeth Science Concepts  / Naseer A. Alkhawaideh,Majdi S. Al-mashaleh

7. Meaning of the Color in Art Education for Student in the Secondary Schools in Riyadh  / Abdullah D. Alshehri

8. The Use of Word Processor for Teaching Writing to EFL Learners in King Saud. University  / All Farhan AbuSeileek

9. Physical Education Teachers and Students Perceptions regarding the Inclusion of Physical Education Subject in the General Certificate of Secondary Education in Jordan  / Eid M. Kanan

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