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At-Tarajeeh , Written by: Burhan AI-Mellah and Ad-been Mohammad bin Mohammad An-Nassafi Al-Hanafi , Date 687A11, , : Studying , Investigation and Commentary  / Shareefah Ali bin Sulirnan Al-Hoshani

The writer of "Tarajeeh" has tackled in his book the ways that remove the external contradiction between the Islamic evidences that have mentioned in the Qurean and the sayings of the prophet , peace be upon him,  and the contradiction between some of the mental evidences , that ways are called "preferences" , Tarajeeh, . From this point, the importance of investigation this book, and representing the evidence in a correct way as the writer wanted it to be; lies in the aim of this studying , with illustration by commenting and analysing in the margin.

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Shareefah Ali bin Sulirnan Al-Hoshani
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