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Volume 4, No. 1, 1992

Journal of Islamic Studies > Volume 4, No. 1, 1992

The old title of the journal "Journal of Educational Sciences and Islamic Studies"


Islamic studies

1. The Early Schools of Legal Thought in Islam ""Ahl Al-Hadith wa ‘Ahl Arra’ y”: A critical reading in the modern sources / Humaidan Abdullah Al-Humaidan

2. The Rule for Implementing Punishments in the Sacred City of Mecca / Ali F. D. Al-Serebati



Educational studies

1. Measurement of Formal Thinking According to Piaget Theory of the New Students Who Enrolled at the College of Education in the First Semester of the Academic Year A.H. 1409/ 1410 and Its Relation With Some Variables / Abdullah A. Makoshi

2. Health and Technical Conditions Provided in Classroom Furniture in Public Schools in Kuwait / Zeanab Ali Al-Jaber

3. Organic Reaction between Knowledge and Art Education Skills in the Educational Process / Abdel Fattah Ahmed Abdullateef

4. Common Errors in the Handwriting of Learners of Arabic as a Foreign Language / Muhammad Yasseen Alfi, Nassef Mostafa Abdul Aziz, Ahmad Metwally Gad

5.  The Extent of Video System Utilization in Education at the Intermediate Schools of Riyadh City / Saleh Mubarak Al-Debassi

6. Ninth Grade Students’ Attitude towards Mathematics in the Light of Qualification and Experience of Their Teachers / Ibrahim Abdul-Wahab Saud Al-Babtain

7. Identity Crisis in Adolescence: A Development Fact or a Cultural Phenomenon; a Comparative Study of Childhood, Adolescence and Adulthood / Omar A. Almofadda

8. The Learning Style Preference of Saudi EFL University Students / Abdulrahman A. Abdan, Sulaiman A. Almuarik


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