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Volume 24, No. 3, 2012

Journal of Islamic Studies > Volume 24, No. 3, 2012

The old title of the journal "Journal of Educational Sciences and Islamic Studies"


Islamic studies

1. Track Licenses "Wisdom and Forms / Walid Bin Ali Al-Hussein

2. Sabean , Dawa Historical Study / Hamood bin Jabir bin Mubarak Al-harthi


Educational studies

1. Knowledge of Instruction and Evaluation Strategies Based Education Reform for the Knowledge Economy , ERfKE,  and Practicing these Strategies as Perceived by Ministry of Education Teachers in Jordan / Haidar I. Zaza,Mustafa Q. Heilat,Mohammed A. Al - Qudah

2. The Availability Of Basic Computer Skills among Student Teachers at King Saud University  / Riyadh at Hassan

3. Teaching Performance Development Practices for Faculty Members at King Faisal University  / Aljohara Ibrahim Bubshait

4. Performance Management in General Administrations of Education in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia / Sabriyah Muslim ALyahyawi

5. Riyadh Middle School Art Teachers' Knowledge of Behavioral Objectives  / Mohammad M. A. Aldosari

6. The Effect of AProposed Training Program in Developing Some Effective Teaching Methods of Mild and Moderate Mentally Retarded Children Teacher's / Mustafa. N. Al  Qamash

7. The Extent of Achieving the National Standards for the Professional Development by Islamic Education Teachers from the Perspectives of School Principals, Islamic Education Teachers and Supervisors  / Sadeq Al — Shudaifat,HatoufSammarh,Randa Mahasneh

8. An Evaluation Evaluation of the Secondary Phase Islamic Culture Text Materials in Jordan in the light of the Aims that Achieve the Five Necessities  / Omar Salim Muhammad Al-Khateeb

9. Application Form «Bybee» Structural Correction of Misconceptions in the Field of Educational Technology among Students of Teachers College at King Saud University / Abdel — Hafiz Mohammed Jaber salamah

10. Instructional performance of the gifted education teachers in implementing effective enrichment model in saudi arabia public education schools / Abdullah M. Aljughaiman

11. Professional Stress of Primary School Teachers in Tabuk City, KSA  / Mohammad Abdullah Assiri

12. The Influence of Infusing Critical Thinking Skills with Science Classes on Achievement and Enhance Critical Thinking on 7th Grade Students  / Mayy Omar Abdulaziz Alsebail

13. The Effectiveness of a Learning Package Based on Teaching by Multiple Intelligence Strategies on Developing Achievement and Attitudes of Arabic Language Department Staff towards it  / Wafaa Hafiz Eshish Al Ouayd


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