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Volume 23, No. 3, 2011

Journal of Islamic Studies > Volume 23, No. 3, 2011

The old title of the journal "Journal of Educational Sciences and Islamic Studies"


Educational studies

1. Preparatory Year and Technology of Education: Studying the Level of Students' Acceptance toward E - Learning / Ali Mohammed Aljurnaah

2. Situational Regret and Its Relation to Psychological Adjustment WithinMutah University Students / Ahmed Abed Al - latef Abu - Ased, Shaker Al - Mahmeed

3. The Irrational Beliefs of the Faculty of Education Students at Al al - Bayt University and their Relation with Some Variables / Maher Mofleh Al - Zyadat

4. Effectiveness of Counseling Program in Reducing Hyperactivity of Children with Hearing Impairment / Serly Mohamed roshdy salem

5. The Role of Society Organizations in Continuing Distance Education / Khalili rahim alsaadat

6. Attitudes of Jordanian Classroom Teachers Towards Mathematics and Mathematics Teaching /Khamis Mousa Nejem

7. Educational competencies for Students of Teachers in Special Education from the Perspective of Faculty Members, Department of Special Education / Ibrahim bin Abdullah Al - Othman

8. Total Quality in Special Education Programs and Services as Perceived by Teachers and Parents / Abdulsabor Mansour Mohammed

9. Efficienty of Suggested Instructional Unit Through Internet in Developing the Conceptual Understanding in Mathematics and Self-Concept for the Students of Secondary School Girls in Riyadh City/ Mona saad al - ghamdee

10. Evaluation of the Arabic Teacher Education Master Program at the College of Education - Sana'a University in light of Proposed Standards / Ahmed Hassan Ghaleb

11. The Impact of Cooperative Learning on the Academic Achievement and in Developing the Social Relations in History for 1oth Grade Students from Irbid Directorate of Education in Jordan / Mohammad Jawarneh,Ahmad Ideis, Ali Jawarneh

12. Effects of the Discount on the Issue of Debt-for-speed and their Relationship Murabaha Profit Variable and Delay Penalties / Abdulkarim Bin Mohmmed Bin Ahmed Al Ismail

13. Relationship between Social, Personal Intelligence, Trust Orientation and Self - Discosure at the Sample of Student Undergraduate / Awatef Ahmad Zamzarni

14. Trends in Secondary School Students towards Technical and Vocational Training in the Light of Economic and Social Changes in Riyadh / Mohammed Abdullah Abdulkareem Alzamil

15. The Effectiveness of a Training Program for the Development of Life Skills for Intermediate Students with Disabilities are Intellectually Saudi Arabia , Tabuk,  / Rania  Elsauy Abdo



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