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Volume 16, No. 1, 2003

Journal of Islamic Studies >  Volume 16, No. 1, 2003

Islamic studies

1. Distribution Theory: a Jurisptudential Economic Study  / Ibrahim Bin Abdul Rahman Al Arwan

2. The Punishment of Drinking Wine "Liquor" between the Islamic code and chastisement  / Ahmed Yousuf Smadi

3. Dawah For Those Who Disbelieved in Resurrection  / Hamad Naser Alammar

Educational studies

1. A Suggested Perspective of the Required Competencies to Prepare Intermediate School Science Teachers  / Khalid Fahad Al-Huthaifi

2. A Study of the Correlation between Competency in Graphic Skills and Laboratory Studies among Student Teachers Majoring in Physics and Chemistry in the Girls' College of Education  / Najat A. Bugis Assistant

3. Methods Followed in Teaching the Holy Quran in Secondary Holy Quran Recitation Schools in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: A Rectifying Field Study  / Ibrahim Bin Saeed Al-Dossary

4. Evaluating the Computer Curriculum Applied in the High Schools in the Presidency of Girls Education  / Olfat M. Fodah

5. The Teaching of Arabic Reading for the Fourth and Seventh Grades in Jordan in Light of a Proposed Modern Teaching Model  / Harndan All H. Nusr

6. The Attitudes of a Sample of Female Students at King Saud University toward Self-Directed Learning / Khalil Ebrahim Al-Saadat

7. Educational Supervision: Definition and Aims in Theory and Practice  / Abdullab A. Makoshi

8. Effect of Physical Education Lessons on Selected Blood Content Parameters  / Ayed F. Melhim,Hussein H. Abu Al-Ruz,Muhamad Daghash

9. Value Orientations Among Physical Educators in Riyadh Sector  / Ali M. Al-Sagheir

10. The Relationship between Attitudes about Drug Use and Conformity of Some Saudi College Students  / Mohammed J. Jamal -al -Lail

11. Stereotype of Saudis among Sojourners in Saudi Arabia  / Dakheel A.S. Ai-Dakheefailah

12. Beck Depression Inventory , BDI,   / Samer Rudwan

13. The Islamic Basis of Vocational Education  / AbdulAziz A.AI-mohaimeed


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