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Volume 1, No. 1, 2, 1989

Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 1, No. 1, 2, 1989 The old title of the journal "Educational Sciences" Opening Editorial board / A. M. Al-Dhobaib Educational studies 1. Contemporary View Of the Concept of Educational Outcomes / Abdul-Rahman ahmed Sayegh 2. The Development of Early Career Awareness in Students / Mohammed Sh. H. Khateeb 3. Gradual Staff Development in Saudi Arabian Schools: Teacher and Administrator Attitudes toward the Teaching Profession and Inservice Programs / Abdul-Aziz H. A. Al-Bataa 4. Analyzing Verbal Interaction in King Saud University’s Student-Teacher Lessons / Yacoub Nashwan 5. The Negative Connection Between Secondary Education and Higher Education and Its Influence on the Quality of Education / Abdul-Aziz A. Al-Babtain 6. Our Curriculum and Islamic Education / Mohammed Othman Kashmeeri 7. Teaching English in Saudi Arabia: To Whom, When and How Should English Be Taught / Eid A.S. Al-Shammary 8. Influence of the Administrative Pattern of Principals on Their Performance in Schools / Mohamed Abdulla Al-Mannie 9. The Concept of the Self in Old Age / Abd al-Majid Sayyid Ahmad Mansur 10. Islamic Education: Towards A Comprehensive View / Ali Khalid Mudawi 11. The Quality of Structures of Explanations in Saudi Arabian History Textbooks / Nadia A. Bakkar
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