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Journal of Islamic Studies > Volume 27, No. 3, 2015

Criticism esnads of tafser between militancy and indulgence / Hamid Yaaqoob Al- Furiah

This research concerns studying one side of the relationship between hadeeth science and tafser،and answers the question of correlation aware of the wound and the modification of tafser، as tafser's novels transfer to us by saned starting from mufaser and finishes including attributed to him، and the question arises: Is succumb this saned to the rules of mohadethee? and shall we deel tafser's esnad like hadeeth's esnad? scientes have different idias; The opinion، which tends to the researcher is to mediate between the hard-liners who see the need to deal with the same rules interpretation method by which we deal with the modern grounds، and Almtsahlain who are going to accept it without controls and restrictions

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