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Journal of Islamic Studies > Volume 27, No. 3, 2015

The Prophet's Prerogatives Regarding Cursing: Contents and Implications / Muteb Salem Al- Khamshy

This research is concerned with the contents and implications of the Prophet's prerogatives with respect to calling bad names and other similar acts. Following academic procedures، the research attempts to study and make a thorough critical analysis of related prominent Hadiths. It aims to highlight the Prophet's prerogatives as well as the underlying problematic issues and dimensions. The research follows a descriptive analytical approach. It has arrived at the following conclusions: the investigated prerogatives a variety of dimensions: legislative، moral and social; for proper understanding of the Sunnah، it is necessary to apply credible academic foundations; ignoring the context of a Sunnah statement is a source of misunderstanding; and the comprehensive study of Sunnah statements must lead to comprehensive، varied and competent results. The research recommends that the Hadiths related to the humanity of the Prophet be studied in accordance with a comprehensive approach from narration and understanding perspectives.

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