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Journal of Islamic Studies > Volume 27, No. 3, 2015

Orientalism According to Anwar Aljundi: Concepts and Approach / Turki Khalid Aldhafiry

This research discusses orientalism according to Anwar Aljundi. It aims to identify Aljundi’s understanding of and approach to orientalism. This research adopts inductive and deductive approaches. Among the research's important findings are: Aljundi considers orientalism as a cultural activity serving a political purpose; orientalism originated in Christianization, and it is still serving it; by studying orientalism, Aljundi sends a warning to Muslims against its dangers, and hence his reference to imperialism, Christianization and westernization; Aljundi focuses on the uncovering of orientalists' designs and aims more than on the refutation of their false allegations. One of the main recommendations is that it is necessary to study orientalism in depth and in comprehensive ways, and to answer their allegations logically and convincingly.

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