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Journal of Islamic Studies > Volume 24, No. 2, 2012

Call of Allah to the People in the Holy Quran , Study of Islamic Faith,   / Abdullah Bin Dajeen Bin Ali Alsahli

Quran the word of the Allah, and it is clear the great position of the quran , this research is a study of some verses in which calls the Lord's people, the verses that he says that: "0 ye people," and in its meaning, which people People refer to all creatures, and the number of such verses , 28,  verse, These verse included issues such as Receive sources of religion, Al touhed, especially TouhedAlebada, and to recall the Last Day and the other, and these issues are sources of conflicts between Muslims and other nations and between Muslim sects, and where it is clear that the right is what Al sunnawaAljmaha says. These appeals came unsubstantiated mental, and carrot and the stick, calls Full of mercy and compassion and guidance to Goodness, and there welfare, chosen to describes the Lord added to the conscience of people without God's name To draw attention in , 10,  verses, with great meaning which should for a person to think about it .These verses most important purposes to Attract the attention of people , it is reported in these appeals to emphasize the Receive sources of religion in , 8,  verses, and Al Touhed in , 11,  verse, from which , 6,  verses in Touhed Al Ebada, and Last Day in , 10,  verses, behooves every Muslim that cares about what called him by Allah.

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