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Journal of Islamic Studies > Volume 24, No. 2, 2012

"Blessing In the Holy Qur'an" , Objective Study / Wafaa Abdullah Al-Azaeage

Blessing means a plenty of goodness and its development and stability in all the fields of life. Therefore, the goodness has no value When the blessing is removed from it, blessing develops and keeps it, the characteristic of blessing are stability and continuity which does not know limits of time and place are its extended to eternity in after life home. And so the human development, which aims to increase the goodness available before the people is no way to reach their aims ,but to make the blessing its base which appears from it to take the reasons by collcting, and avoid obstacles to its existence. The development projects have become successful and achieving effective honest life, which is reflected on the security and well-being of society and stability. As the dimensions of the blessing in the development people's lives, and have a great impact in achieving security sense. The holy Qur'an has shown the meaning of the blessing and limits and reveal its signs, ways of acquiring it and obstacales of it. According to the purposes of the holy Qu'ran and the great guidance, because the existence of the blessing is related to good relation to Allah, and this confirms that the security in its comprehensive sense, and sustainable development depend on the safety of unification, and the belief and moderation thinking.


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