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Journal of Islamic Studies > Volume 24, No. 2, 2012

Evidence of the Christians on the Divinity of Christ and His Miracles from , Collection and Study the Holy Quran,  / Humood Ibrahim Bin Salamah

Christians tended to the similar from the Quran to demonstrate the validity of their belief in the divinity of Christ through his miracles and some of the descriptions contained in the Quran. Evidenced from the Quran brought by the Christians in support of the Christ absolute knowledge of the unseen is false and not valid. What is mentioned in the book of God on that refers to his partial knowledge of some of the knowledge of the unseen and not absolute , knowledge,  and that is not limited to him. The proof they brought from the Quran in support of his impeccability , peace be upon him,  does not support the christ's special possession of it. But rather it covers him, his mother and offspring. Whatever is said about the Christ is true to be said about Mariam, peace be upon her and her off springs. The miracles which the Christ brought are chained with the permission of God, for him based on the fact that they are special possession of God. If he , peace be upon him,  is a god he would not need to be chained that with the permission of God. The fact that his birth , peace be upon him,  was through a miraculous way does not validate his being raised over his position which God places him. And the intercession of Christ is confirmed just as it is confirmed to other prophets beside him. Therefore, should not be drawn to claiming his lordship and if not that should also be done to other prophets- they are fare from that.

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