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Journal of Islamic Studies > Volume 23, No. 1, 2011

Asma'a Allah Alhosna which came only once in the Holy Quran / Riyadh Mohammed Al Mosemery

Stated in my research, named as " Asma'a Allah Alhosna which came only unci.‘ m the Holy Qumn ". in its first chapter a clarification Of'the belief of "Ahl Asunnah wa Aljama'ah". The second chapter explains what they mean by "Alasma‘a .Mhnsna". The third one talks about the number of "Alasma'a Alhosna".
In the saying ofprophet Mohammad -peaee be up nn him- which was reported b3 "Alm Hannah" may allah please with him; "Allah has ninety nine marries. a hundred except on. who knoWs them, will inter the paradise".
l restricted to the names which came only once m the Elolx Qurun. Then l started listing them clarifying their linguistic and terminological meanings


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