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Journal of Islamic Studies > Volume 23, No. 1, 2011

Inference by analogy. interpretative judgment, imitation, contradiction, and preference / Abdulaziz Mohammad Ibrahim Alowaid

Since the primary source of evidenCe for prmc1plc Issues Is the Holy Qura'n and Since the \crscs in the Holy Qura'n vary in mentioning such pnnCIples as well as in using them for evidence, it attracted the researchers attention the frequency ut' using terse 59 of Sum Alnisa‘ " O you who have believed. obey Allah and obey the Messenger and those in anthem} among you And if you disagtec over anything. refer it to Allah and the Messenger. ifyou should believe in Allah and the Last Day That is the best way and best m result " as a base for principle issues in the books of Fiqh principles and books oI‘Qura'n intemretation and books of mutations. Therefore. the researcher de5igtated this paper to using verse 59 of sura Almsa' to draw ewdence in principle issues related to Inference by analogy, interpretative judgment. imitation. contradiction. and preference.

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