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Indexing and Occasions Faikah in Book of Zakat, Fasting. Iatikaf, and Manasek in Hanabila's Books / Abdul-aziz Sand Al-Dhowaihy

Faikah of Occasions and Biographies Faikah of Chapters are ones of the most know ledge measurements to evaluate the qualityof wrtingBy using this art. A Faikah , One of clergy,  can envisage all issues in general and link each issue with its equivalents. This studyaims to underline Islamic clergy in general and Hanabila clergy in particular. Hanabila clergy gives a due care to Science of Occasionsthrough readings of the Islamic clergy's manuscripts. The} sire» on naturres of issues.their types and mention the same in theirpresentations firstly offend} The study stresses on biography chapters in general and prefers to handle the first biography in particular. Thepaper is Limited to the book onakat. Fasting.Iatikaf, and Manasck


Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:08am