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Calling to Allah in the light of Allah saying ( invite (all) to the way of the lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching ; and argue with them in ways that are the best / Mohammed bin Abdullah bin Mohammed Alaydi

The research consists of introduction including the importance of topic , then preamble : including . clarify the \CI'SE . then theimportance ofcalltng to Allah . then the necessity to vary the calling waysThe first chapter including : wisdom ways , and consists of defining wisdom linguistically and terminologically , meanings . importancethen its features and waysThe second chapter including : preaching in beautiful way , and consists of . its definition linguistically and tenmnolOgically , waysconditions, importance then its featuresThe third chapter including : argue in ways that are the best and including : definition linguistically and terminologically . importance .wayskinds , legality and its features . I mentioned applicable examples from the Quran and Sunna for ct cry way at the end ofevery chapterThen the conclusion : I mentioned the results of research , then references index . l attributed verses . and traditions according to what ismentioned in the two right books only or one , if not 1 back to Sunna books , with diligence ,  lgtchad,  , l clarified the strange words , andoriginated the research from explanation , traditions and calling books1 hit peace andprayersofA ”of: be upon our prophet Mohammed


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