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The German Orientalist, Bergstrasser, & His Influences On The Qura'anic Studies / Nasser bin Mohammed Al-Mane

Bergstrasser was considered as one of the welbknown German Orientalist during the last century. He was born in 1886. He was concerned with his self-education by learning from various experiences. He made early journeys to the Islamic world especially Egypt and Syria. He studied the Sémi dialects and mastered the , Malola,  dialect. a name of a Syrian village. He was the writer of a number of significant publications in many Islamic sciences especially Quranic studies. He was interested in searching for Islamic scripts in this field such as books of readings, books of interpretations. and books of ancient KofeiQu’ran during his travels. He collected the scripts and sent them out to the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Berlin. He followed a distinguished scientific method in his publication and investigation of some of those scripts. He aimed in creating aOuranic book that includes criticism on its margins which would be extracted from the scripts he collected. His scientific career was determined by the consistent and reasonable criticism offlugel version of the Holy Quran. He even called for not to use it especially right after the publication of the first Al-Azhar version in l927. He was also known in completing Noldekae book "History of Quran”; he wrote the third chapter which included the Othmani drawing. readings and Quranic books. In this chapter. He stated some odd opinions which did not have evidences and were not based on the right scientific analysis. He claims that the Othmani Quran was deficient and had many faults. Which was subject for disagreement among scholars. The researcher argued him with historic facts and evidences and other Orientalist quotes.

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