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The Coercion in Mainstreaming and Application/ Abdulrahim S. M. Yaqub

The goal of research to identify the meaning of coercion.and its impact on the statement of eligibility. has necessitated statement the eligibility in its two types on the civil-both civil God, and the eligibility of performance, And what happens to eligibility, including; , coercion, . which: , Forcing one of people to do something}, this is Theoretically fundamentalism. The terms Applied: been clarified coercion in matters of belief: [if the coercion disbelief, no sin on , Forced , , but if it is to islam : it is impermissible for ,  Thmmee ,  and ,  Musta'man ]. it is permissible for,  Muharebi. and needed for the apostate of lslam. The coercion in matters of Worship : It is on the side of dissuasion. may for , Forced,  left Worships. The coercion in marriage and divorce : it is not held marriage or divorce of , Forced, , The coercion in the transactions : the impact of coercion, is where transactions sitting forced void incorrect, The coercion in admissions : it is not true admission under coercion, but if the defendant knew who the criminal attitude, and thus witnessed predecessors, or any strong presumption Show his criminally, may be forced to admission, if approved, The coercion in the crimes : killing others without right . theretaliation must be to forced and forcer all.

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:08am