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The Suspicion in "Rewaeah" of Narrators /  Hasan M. Abaji

Summary of research : a suspicion in the "Rewaeah" is permissible, and the narrators are uneven in this, different motivations by different narrators cases, aim of this research was to the statement keen to know the source of suspicion and termination of the "Rewaeah", using a multiple ways and means, the most important ways was written in the research and I am represented of them, the research was showed a suspicion in "Rewaeah" sometimes be at the origin of listening, and sometimes in part of listening, and for these two sections cases and provisions, the research ends to a suspicion that approved by the narrators is vary to : affecting suspicion. andunaffecting suspicion, and for two types of suspicion them images and provis


Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:08am