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The Rulings of Spending The Night, s,  , al-Mabeet,  at Mina  / Sami bin Mohammed Al Sigair

The aim of the research study was to clarify "The Special Rulings of Spending The night, s,  , al-Mabeet,  at Mina", and studying the novelties of contemporary related matters ,The research composed of: Introduction, eight research topics, and conclusion, I mentioned the ruling of spending the night, s,  at Mina. the legal consequences of missing chat, the obligatory amount of time for spending the night, s, , the excuses of missing it, the ruling on those who may not find a place in Mina, renting for those can afford, the related sayings of Scholars with preponderance. I concluded that: , l ,  Spending the night, s,  at Mina is obligatory in the days of Tashreeq , the 11 12th, 13 of DhulHijjah, . , 2,  The obligatory amount of time is: most of the night. , 3,  Not spending three night, s,  obligates slaughtering a sacrificial animal and nothing for Spending less. , 4,  Those who are occupied with looking after the pilgrims' interests or those who are impeded from spending the night, s,  are excused , while those who did not find a place in Mina are obligated to stay the night, s,  in a place connected to the Pilgrims , 5,  If one can afford renting in Mina it becomes obligatory. , 6, Nothing is due upon who spent the night in a place thinking its Mina and discovered later it is not. I mentioned in the research the opinions of our late scholars and their fatwa , verdict,  concerning the topic of the research.

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:08am