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Interpretation of Surat AL-Falag , Day Break,  / Luluah Abdul Kareeiru AL-Mufleh

The present study aims at presenting an analytical interpretation of the Surah AL-Fa]aq , Day Break, . The Surah has a great importance, and ifs virtues have been documented in the Prophet's traditions. The Surah has a healing power against maladies according to many authentic sayings of the Prophet. Moreover, it is part of the supplications recited after every prayer. Therefore, it is an amulet against every evil or mischief. After all it has a healing power against magic, The Prophet ,  peace and blessing be upon him,  used it with Surah An-Nas to heal himself from the effect of magic. In this Surah, Allah orders us to seek refuge with Him against the mischief of all creatures. He then orders us to seek refuge with Him against certain mischief like the mischief of darkness when it overspreads, the mischief of the people who practice secret arts and the mischief of the envious people. To conclude, the Holy Qur'an is a healing against all physical and psychological maladies as stated in the Holy Qur'an itself.

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:08am