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Indexes of Faikah of Matters in the Book of Prayer and Funerals in Hanbaila's Writings / Abdul-Aziz Saud Dowaihly

rayer is one of the main Islam pillars which comes next to saying the two shahadas. Prayer has many types of worshiping ; remembering Allah , recitation of Quran , standing before Allah , bending of the torso from an upright position, prostration, calling Allah, praise Allah, glorifying Allah. It is the most important physical worshiping. Fakaihs give prayer the highest priority in their religious writings due to its noble value . Following writing Taharabook , they collected and carefully put all matters of prayer in order. They itemized these prayer matters in their appropriate places and annexed all similar matters with each other . Translation of chapters was also given a due consideration This research distinguishes the efforts exerted by Hanabila'sFakaihs in religious matters and indexing the same in the book of Tahara and funerals and by explaining the principals of Hanabila'sFaikah

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:08am