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Contemporary Western Values from a Philosophical Perspective: An Assessment in Light of Islam  / Mustafa Abdel Kader Ghnaimat

This piece of research deals with the Contemporary Western values from a philosophical and an assessment study in light of Islam view points. It includes an explanation of the concept of a value, the nature of values, and the crisis of moral values as demonstrated by the separation of morals from religion, morals from politics, and by the abrogation of moral standards. It also dwells on the subsequent grave crisis suffered by Western Civilization in spite of its remarkable advance in scientific and technological fields. In fact, Western Civilization suffers from critical problems that have made its citizens worry about. The research finally touches upon the Islamic solution to the moral value problem as it sterns from concomitance between morals and religion on one hand, and from emphasizing the practical character of morals on the other.

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:08am