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Illegal Property: Possession, Spending, and Release / Abdul-Aziz Omar AI-Khatib

Unrighteous money is all that is earned of objects and benefits in an illegitimate way. Religious laws mandate that unrighteous money cannot be considered part of the deserved property of the owner even in cases where it is obtained through inheritance, corrupt contracts, or mutual satisfaction. Anyone who has unrighteous money must return it to its owner if the owner is known or give it away to the poor or to charitable organizations, but not to mosques , out of respect, . As such, repentance by itself is not enough unless the unrighteous money is returned to the owner or given away for charity. Furthermore, individuals who earn bank interest should not leave it to the bank, especially in non-Muslim countries because such an act encourages making interest and empowers the infidels over the believers.

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:08am