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Indexes of Faikah of Matters in Tahara , Cultic Purity,  Book of Hanbaila's Writings / Abdul-Aziz Saud Dowaihly

This research distinguishes the Fakaihs' approach, especially Hanabila in indexing religious matters and branches in their books. It shows reasons behind the method of approaching these religious chapters as well as how such chapters were translated through a comparison with such translation among Hanabila'sFakaihs _ The research is limited to the Tahara Book as it is the one which was started with in ,,,,riting religious books of Hanabila and others. The indexing approach based on religious occasions in the Tahara Book explains clearly efforts made by the Fakaihs and their own approaches in indexing their religious writings.

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:08am