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Perspectives on Quranic Miracles and Challenge / Easa Nasser Al-Duraiby

This study aims at identifying a term for Quranic Miracles , Eijaz,  and its real aspect with which Allah challenged Arabs. The study explores a definition for Quranic 'Miracles' and its criteria. It also traces the eVol.ution and development of the notion of 'Eijaz', and briefly examines the effects of the dogmatic orientation on 'Eijaz' facets. The paper concludes that Quranic Miracles with which Allah challenged Arabs to come up with a similar example are the rhetorical aspects of the Holy Quran including its organization style, oration, and meanings. The rest of the aspects which old and contemporary scholars mention are irrelevant to Quranic Miracles 'Eijaz' with which Allah challenged Arabs whom the Quran particularly addressed; as they are based on attesting that the Holy Quran is from Allah in view of the evidence that the Holy Quran talks about concrete facts and the unseen which Prophet Muhammed could not come up with

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:08am