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Re-new principls of juresprodens and its points in "shik at eslam ibn timeia" / Khalid mansour Mohammed

The sabjekt of the search is one of the important points in principls of juresprodens. It's the re —fresh it. The sersh took about many of the re- new of the principls of juresprodens. And peon the things do not allow to re-new it. The searcher choirs one of most famous erudite /earned in principls of juresprodens he is "shik al eslam ibn timeia ".he is good style in this science.ibntimeia related between juresprodens and its juresprodens. The searcher arrive that it's very important to re-new principls of juresprodens by the books of "shik al estam ibn timeia

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:08am