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Extract of Research of rule of interests and cause of corruption / ABDULLAH HAMAD AL-SAKAKER

The origin of financial treatments and kinds of trade is allowance and permission and no thing is forbidden unless there is some evidence of illegality .Scholars made some evidences of illegality of some treatments as rules for forbiddance among these rules is " Rule of interest and cause of corruption" and next I summarize my work done in that research: 1- Approval of that rule by scholars for this rule. 2- Showing what is meant by interests and cause of corruption. 3- Mentioning some evidences for forbidding some of these treatments as the missed interests are more greater than the acquired from it. 4- Mentioning some evidences for forbidding some treatments as they have consequences of more causes of corruption . 5- Showing that goals are carefully considered . 6- Showing the main four points of that rule that are: A keeping away from causes of corruption is better than acquiring interests when they are equal , B. If there are two causes of corruptions , we keep away from the more harmful and commit the lesser in harmfulness. C.. Public interest is prior to private cause of corruption. D. The achieved interest is not left for expected harm. 7. Mentioning the field of rule. 8. Mentioning some appliances of the rule of contemporary financial treatments. 9. Concluded the research with summarizing the most important results and with list of references and index

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:08am