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The Summary of Ibn Tymiah'sDepates Religious People  / Abdulaziz M. A. Al Abdullatif

The research is talking at the beginning about Ibn Tymiah's genius in depates and his decision in the genuine of the depates. He decided that the depates are various. Then, the researcher has mentioned four depates for Ibn Tymiah about the Christian's polytheism and their saying that Jesses is God and their opinion that the theology will be shown. After that, he has followed this research by Ibn Tyrnia'sdepates for the people of the union and pantheism which are specialized in the variety of their questions. The researcher has found two of Ibn Tymia'sdepates with the buraillers. One of them was about their greatness for the rocks. The other one was about their exaggeration in the graves of slaves. Then, the researcher has summarized the depates of Ibn Tymiah for the Refai because it is large and famous. Then, the researcher has followed that by two depates with the Shiites in the imamah. The researcher has discussed four depates of the hypocrisy. Finally, he concluded the most important results of the research.

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:08am