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Nationalism and Multiculturalism / Ahmed bin Abdulaziz A-L-Huleibi

Is multiculturalism within the bounds of one country attainable? The present paper attempts to answer this question from the Isiamie point of view which is based on the Holy Quran in order to resolve the controversy over the issue in question by resorting to Almighty Allah and his messenger , peace and blessings be upon him, . This issue has been handled with a measure of comprehensiveness, reality and wisdom which is in line with the concern of Islam for the unity of the nation, and the attunement of its people's hearts, on the one hand, and the question of the danger of conflict, including cultural conflict, which leads to hostility and disunity, on the other. The research paper deals with the following issues: the meaning of homeland, the concept of patriotism in Islam, patriotism and culture, the role of Islamic culture in building the cultural identity of homeland, cultural identity and multiculturalism, multiculturalism in the Muslim homeland, national culture and globalization.

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:08am