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The Criteria Adopted by the Scholar of Vouching , Math,  and Discrediting , Ta'deel,  in Their Evaluation of Hadith Narrators / Abdula'ziz Ahmed Al. JasemAss

This research aims to show some of the criteria of giving precedence to hadith narrators one over another, when they used to disagree on the traceable hadith to the prophet and that traceable to his companions, or on the incompletely transmitted hadith to the prophet, etc. These criteria were observed by the leading scholars of hadith , such as: Imam Abd Prahmanb.Mandi ,yahya El Ghatan, Ahmed b.Hanbal , b.Ma'aeen ,Abi Hatim ,and others . These criteria were varied due to many reasons , some of which were due to : 1. disagreement in opinion among the narrators . 2. The narrator himself who sometimes reported the hadith traceable to the prophet ,  P.B.U.H,  , and sometimes traceable to the companion of the prophet _ 3. The comparison between the reliable narrator's narration and another , so that if he agreed with him he should not be veracious . 4. They also noticed the status of the unique narrator ; was he qualified for uniqueness or not ? and they gave the suitable judgment about him, as explained in the research . These criteria pointed out the genius of these imams , their high rank in sunnah sciences , and their care of distinguishing between the acceptable and repudiated hadith . May the Almighty Allah recompense them all the best in the two worlds

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:08am