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Dreams and their Guidelines of Interpretation in the Light of Quran and Sunnah  / Munirah Mohntrned AJ-MutPaq

The meaning of dream is what you see while you are sleeping_ • There are three kinds of dreams, as evidenced in Sunna: virtuous dream, simple dream and self imagiation • There are rules for good dream, some of which are. * To inform only the people you like about it. • To regoice on it. • To thank God for it. • Rules of bad dream: * Spit three times at your left side. • Seek protection by God of its evil and the devil three times. • Turn over to the other side and do not tell anybody about it. • pray and read the seat , throne,  verse. • The meaning of interpreting or explaining a knowledgeable dream is to gind out what it could mean_ • The interpreter should be: kind, sincere, intelligent, likable, careful and smart_ • The sources of interpreting a dream are the Holy Rook , Quraan,  Sunna, poems, proverbs, wisdoms, analogy and oppositions. • The best time for interpreting a dream is after Fajr prayer. • Dream interpreting varies from person to person. • The interpreter should stant with Apressing good he should not tell the person of any bad news unless he want to warn him and telling him to take care of himself. • There benefit of interpreting a dream some of which are. * Take the most hopeful view of life . * Warning. • Warning at sins. • lnterpretion of a dream may take place. after. Long time as of what happend to Yousef peace be upon him, His dream materialized forty years later.

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