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Sulook AI Jad'ah , The Clear Pathway,  and Its Effects in the Defectiveness , I'lal,  of Al-Ahadeeth  / Khaled M. A. Al-Drees

The research concentrates on an inference, which is from amongst the most important inferences to the defectiveness , Nal,  of al-ahadeeth, available to scholars of hadeeth criticism. This inference is called "Sulook Al Jad'ah , The Clear Pathway, . The study deals with its definition, gives explanations to words analogous to it and discussess its connection with the science of Hal al-hadeeth and its importance in this field. The researcher explains that "Sulook Al Jad'ah" is an inference in the science of ilal, to the mistake of the narrator , rawee, , if he comes via a well-known and familiar channel, which is in conflict with narrators who are similar or stronger than he is, in which case he decides to narrate the same hadeeth, through another channel, not so well-known, due to it being rarely mentionacd and never used by narrators. The research also concluded that to be at variance with Al-Jad'ah is an inference, for Imams specialized in the science of Hal, to the accuracy , dabt,  of the narrator and his proficiency. The paper also presented applicable texts, which some scholars used for this inference. The study also laid down criterions derived from their applications , scholars of ilal al-hadeeth,  for working with this inference. The research finally clarifies its , the inference's,  position when it comes in conflict with other preferred inferences, with scholars apply in the science of ilal al-hadeeth.


Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:08am