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The Brief Overview Of Hadiths In the Biographies Of AI bukhari's Sahib's Narrators  /  Abdulaziz Ahmed Al gasim 

The objective of this research is to higtrlight one of the aspects of the narrators' biographies in Albubhari'sSahih . These are the biographies which he pointed to or included in a Hadith , and they were of the following types : I- Those bear the wording narrated in his Sahih 2- Those bear the Hadith wording , not according to his conditions , but it is an authentic Hadith 3- Thosed bear the wording of a weak Hadith a long with remarks. 4- Those bear the meaning of an authentic Hadith narrated in his Sahih , but not according to hi conditions The research also deals with the biographies which included the traceable and untraceable aditions . This study is an attempt to illustrate the broad knowledge of this scholarly Imam in Hadith , and his precision and accuracy in his editing the biographies of the narrators , and Imam Al - Bokhari is an authority in this area.

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:08am