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Comprehensive Aspects From al-Hafiz Abu Hatim al Razi's Approach / Abdullah Marhoul Al-Sawalimah
This research deals with a subject of Hadith , Islamic tradition, science and an attempt to study the approach of al-Hafiz Abu Hatim al Razi in criticism and evaluation of narrators. Authentic general features are treated for the purpose of understanding the basic particulars which characterize the scholar's methodology.
In this research. some thirteen comprehensive aspects were mentioned in addition to supporting views, with applications, from the sayings of al-Hafiz Abu Hatim, regarding narrators. I also mentioned some rare idioms which had been used and other terms, which seemed unclear to us, in order to clarify broad meaning and understand its semantic implications. This was preceded by an introduction about Imam al-Hafiz Abu Hatim: his name, origins, search for knowledge, famous teachers , shaikhs, and students. his trips, scholars· views about him, and his scholarly contribution and standing among Imams and Hadith narration critics.

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:08am