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Journal of Islamic Studies > Volume 8, No. 1, 1996

Fasting of the Day of Doubt as a Precautionary Measure for Performance of the Fasting Ordinance / Ali F. Aldoghaiman

The study deals with the different opinions in Islamic jurisprudence on the precaution for fasting the first day of the month of Ramadan by fasting the Thirtieth day of the month of Sha'ban. in the case of not being able to see the crescent the night before for reasons of clouds or such like. This precautionary fasting is debatable among Islamic Jurists as to its lawfulness. and its sufficiency for performance of the ordinance if it coincided with the first of Ramadan.
There are five stands on this issue. First, to follow the Imam. Second. to comply with the requirement of the most common situation of the months' wholeness or decrease. Third, to follow the arithmetic of the movement of the moon. Fourth, it is lawful to fast that day and the fasting suffices for performance of ordinance if it coincided with Ramadan. But jurists who take this stand disagree among themselves on some subdivision issues. Firth , that precaution is unlawful. But those who take this stand also differ on the sufficiency and the degree of unlawfulness.
The study aimed to survey, discuss, and verify these stands. One of the main findings, outlined in the conclusion. is that the precautionary fasting is unlawful, besides it does not acquit the conscience from performance of the ordinance

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