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Legislative Goals of Punishment in Islam / Ali A. Al-Hassoon

The subject of this study is the wisdom of punishments in Islam, which have several objectives. We can summarise these objectives as follows: The first goal, which is the general goal, is to protect and maintain the five sacred necessities whereby Islam has come to preserve man's religion, life, honor, mind and wealth. The second goal represents a deterrent and prevention for committing crimes either for all the community members in general or for the criminal in particular so as not to commit crimes once again. The third goal is to straighten the disorder eVol.ved as a consequence of the crime either to the insulted person by compensating him for such damage or a kind of relief for the wrongdoer. The fourth goal is purgation of the community from vices. The fifth objective of these punishments is a mercy for the community members and the criminals. The sixth goal is to punish the criminal in the same manner and this is justice where there will be a balance between rights and commitments. The seventh and final goal is to reform the criminal and correct his attitudes as this is one of the important goals of the Islamic punishments whether during or after the application of the punishment.

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:08am