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The Islamic Shari'a in the Encyclopedia of Islam / Khalid bin Abd Allah Al-Gasim

This research aims to demonstrate the loftiness of the Islamic Shari'a. the absurdity of its critics and the orientalists' lackness of the minimum of fairness. After reading an the translated Encyclopedia of Islam, I pointed out every text related to the Islamic Shari'a. Then I classified them topically and refuted an the suspicious which the orientalists raised.
The research topics are as follows:
1. Introduction on the Encyclopedia of Islam.
2. A general view of the contents of the Encyclopedia.
3. Shacht's confusion in his definition of Shari'a.
4. Reverting Shari'a to pre-Islamic sources.
5. The allegation that the Islamic Shari'a is contradictory.
6. The allegation that the Islamic Shari'a is difficult to apply.
7. Different allegations which denigrate the Shari'a.

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:08am