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Shaikh Maba Diakhou and His Islamic Jihad Reform Movement in West Africa ,  1850 - 1890, / Mahdi Rizg Allah Ahmad

This research aims to introduce the Moslem scholar, preacher, mujahid and reformist Maba Diakhou . It highlights the following points in this regard:
1. His name. family, tribe. early life and educational career.
2. The structure of the social. political and religious life of his community .
3. His leading role in the Islamization of his society before his jihad .
4. The factors which contributed to the emergance of an Islamic state under his leadership.
5. His jihad against the local African rulers and the French colonists in Senegambia .
6. The factors which played a role in his defeat and death, and the downfall of his short-lived Islamic state.

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