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Journal of Islamic Studies > Volume 4, No. 2, 1992

Abu Al-Fateh Al-Azdi and the Criticism and Evaluation of Narrators / Abd Allah Marhul Al-Sawalma

The aim of this study is to collect and analyze what Was said about Abu Al-Fateh Al-Azdi (d. A. H. 374)  concerning the accusation of being a Shiite, a liar in hadith, or of being very strict in criticizing and evaluating the narrators (al-jarh wal tadil) .
This study tries to evaluate the achievement of Al-Azdi as a hadith scholar. and his position among other scholars. He was praised by many scholars for the high rank he held as well as for his knowledge and understanding.
Some forty Volumes were scanned to collect his scattered opinions which reached 1080. After analyzing this material.comparing it with the opinions of other critics to see their agreement and disagreement, and taking into consideration all the factors which may result in the accusation I reached the following conclusions:
1- Azdi cannot be considered a liar or innovator (mubtadi or wadda).
2- His weakness (da'f) is not a general rule. but an exception.
3- He is a dependable scholar and critic of hadith. His opinions are generally accepted. and only 5% of them were criticized.

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